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Based on recent events, and also as mentioned constantly in our videos, my observation leads me to believe there may be a serious isolated drought during the summer of 2014 that may take place in the USA close to the North Pacific ocean, which will be similar to what happened in the early 1900s or the reverse of having devastating floods and mud slides. Sadly to say, a similar incident took place in Seattle Washington on March 24th 2014 which is also the land near the North-North Pacific Ocean?  This forecast is based on my recent studies on the rare Longitudinal/Latitudinal wind changes that took place during the past few months. These sort of events will be seen in many parts of the Globe, especially in the Eastern countries that are in the North Tropical wind flow area of L10 to L40 up to the Arabian Sea. My personal kind advice to the “Paddy” growing farmers who are in these zones is to change their timely patterns on paddy sowing, according to their weather forecast and advice in their own zones which will save Billions of dollars from harvest damages and loss. These events may be a serious problem for the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt drive function in the North Atlantic Ocean and the sequence of this could create an unbalanced weather disturbance in the Northern African countries and the Eastern parts of the USA.  If these events occur as said, it will be the very first few signs that “Mother Earth” is heading towards an irreversible stage that cannot be repaired.

These peculiar weather changes, as forecasted in our “24 page report” a year ago, and now looking at all the recent events, surely proves that Earth is heading towards destruction.  As we have witnessed the devastation from uncontrolled wild forest fires in California and severe fires and flooding in Colorado, countries like China, India and Pakistan, in the Eastern part of the globe, are getting pounded by heavy rains, mud slides, Earth movements, droughts and most importantly, massive amounts of melting ice in the North Pole and the Himalayas. The time has come for all nations around the world, from North to South and East to West to join as one and take care of our loving home, Mother Earth.  Who took care of us dearly throughout the decades and centuries?  Who gave us all the freedom to breathe and live happily but never complained?  Our ignorance and negligence has made her very hurtful, to the point where she is finding it difficult to hold on.  Devastating events are occurring daily across the globe as we see droughts, freezing weather, and heavy flooding with mudslides, sinkholes and unbelievable Earth washouts.  Heavy droughts, dry and muddy lands are failing to produce our food.  The burning heat waves and damaging rays of the sun in other parts of the globe are leading to severe skin damage and various diseases.

Global Carbon Dioxide Problem - Join Project Mother Earth 360

As we continue doing damage to our atmosphere, our children’s generation and their children’s generations will begin to experience gradual deaths due to a heated atmosphere, deep freezing cold and also severe droughts.  The Carbon soot and CO2 heated sunlight will slowly begin to dry up the Earth’s land around the entire globe, beginning near the equator, where all living things will be forced to breath the dangerously hot air and perish or migrate away from the affected zones, just like the dinosaurs did during prehistoric times and then human beings during the early 1900’s in the Northern zone, where millions died.  Ice Age experiences in and around the pole zones will begin occurring because the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt may be shutting down, which is currently struggling. We are presently on the brink of extinction, similar to what happened to the dinosaurs during prehistoric times.  Only this time it will gradually continue destroying the human race with freezing cold weather, extremely hot atmospheric conditions, droughts,  floods, massive earthquakes, mudslides, sink-holes, severe lightning strikes, forest fires, and tornadoes, as well as devastating hurricanes in the Western part of the globe, which are known as Cyclones and Typhoons in the Eastern hemisphere.

It is happening right now and has been slowly accelerating in the past decade. Clouds with heavy sea moisture are being dragged into the already drenched lands by confused jet streams producing heavy floods and mud slides while other areas experience severe droughts and destructive wild forest fires. Similar events have taken place in Colorado and other surrounding areas throughout the USA, as we have witnessed devastating wild forest fires and severe flooding.  Also, as warned in our 24 page CO2 report a year ago, the zone closest to the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Drive Memory System, and the North Westerly wind belt memory origin, the United Kingdom, has now experienced unbelievable abnormal heavy rains during the winter of December 2013 and their houses were under water.  This occurrence strongly proves the seriousness of the confusion that Mother Earth is experiencing.  In the near future, as truly mentioned in all three of our videos, it will be increasingly more difficult for meteorologists to predict a two day weather forecast in the coming days.  In addition, unexpected deeply confused parallel snake jet streams may be formed and could lead to devastating tornados and wind turbulence which will be just the beginning.  Some important advice due to the severity of the air density variations and  regarding air travel, as mentioned in our videos, inclines us to warn passengers doing any type of air travel to remain fastened to their seat at all times while the aircraft is in the air, in any space zone around the globe, from this day forward, indefinitely.  Presently, passengers are allowed to remove their seatbelts at various intervals during flights.  Based on one of our “String Engineering Laws” my personal advice to pilots when flying an air craft that has tail mounted engines would be to never rapid throttle the engine when the aircraft is experiencing low dense air variations, especially during midair cruising at 500-600mph.   This also applies during take-off or landing because the aircraft will tend to make a summersault or a violent spin.  This will make it difficult for the pilot to recover the aircraft’s original horizontal memory. In April of 2010, a similar tail mounted engine air craft catastrophe took place when the aircraft was preparing to land.  It is suspected that not maintaining sufficient speed during landing, combined with the aircraft losing its horizontal memory caused the pilot to panic and open throttle the engine, which would have reversed the P1 P2 wing thrust which led to the aircraft’s plummeting decent, killing the president of Poland and all passengers aboard.

Variable Air Densities Caused By High CO2 Levels

As seen in the media, many uninvited weather events are taking place because Mother Earth is seriously confused.  It is now our duty and time to help our planet get healthy again so she can take care of future generations to come, including us right now!  It is a massive but possible task that must be tackled as a whole, with the intricacies and sensitive details of every approachable angle carefully coordinated by Project Mother Earth 360, so all of the engines around the globe may begin to work properly in synchronization to minimize the number of catastrophic weather related disasters occurring globally.

My involvement in the CO2 issue began over forty years ago.  Now the public has realized how serious the problem is but still has not reached a conclusion that substantiates and supports a worthy solution.

I became involved and very interested in our CO2 counts in 1973. While doing other similar personal research I discovered the CO2 count was around 330ppm.  Scientists at this time were not seriously involved or tremendously concerned about this significant and rapid climb in CO2 counts.  My main research was to uncover the cause for this rapid rise in CO2 and develop products that would reduce our CO2 counts and keep them stable.

What caused the CO2 to rise from 308ppm to 330ppm between the years 1950 and 1973?  From 1950 to 1973 the CO2 increased by 22ppm in only 23 years.  Prior to that it had only increased 29ppm over a period of two hundred years. This fueled my curiosity and inspired me to get more involved in tracking down the possible changes and causes to three main factors.  (1) An increase in Coal, Diesel and Hydrocarbon fuel powered drivers to create electricity. (2) An increase in the number of automobiles on the road including Diesel powered vehicles.  (3) The chopping down of trees and forests (billions of trees), especially in the Amazon, to supply the international market with wood.  In addition, the destruction and degradation of large rain forest areas such as the Amazon and many other forests in countries throughout the world for immigration settlers, the building of homes, the creation of farmlands, the clearing of land for cattle breeding and poultry farms in epic proportions, as well as the burning of wood for various uses.

Due to the rapid rise of CO2 that occurred between the 1950’s and 1973, which has worsened over a span of four decades and because green trees were and continue to be our main source for converting CO2 back to breathable O2, these are the three most serious reasons for noticeable changes occurring in our atmosphere that have led to the severe weather related calamities we are now witnessing throughout the world.

Chopped Down Rain Forests - Project Mother Earth 360

During that time period, and out of the three factors, the number of automobiles in use was rapidly increasing all over the world.   This inspired me to get involved at a young age so I began my automobile engine research and studied the entire process of hydrocarbon fuel use in automobiles.  During my research and studies, a major contributing and unrecognized factor was discovered.  The diesel powered automobile.  This again made me get involved in Diesel engine development.  All of my involvements in the research and development were getting harder to maintain by myself alone.  I hired a triple PhD scientist by paying out all of my hard earned money to work on one of my Hydrogen engine design technologies so that automobiles could be less dependent on Carbon or run on low Carbon fuel.  This gave me some extra time to get deeply involved in diesel engineering and to stop the black smoke in the exhaust from automobiles.  At that time it was a seriously polluted exhaust that was very visible to the human eye.  Diesel powered automobiles were one of the major contributing factors for massive amounts of Carbon Soot and CO2 levels polluting the atmosphere.  At this time I was working on numerous combustion chamber designs, injection, pre-injection, and heating devices to lower the flashing temperature of the carbon in the diesel fuel to stop the black smoke.  In 1975 I brought one of my developed diesel technologies to the United Kingdom.  The Diesel technology was going nowhere in the UK and I was unable to find sponsors to support my Diesel program.

Shortly thereafter in 1984, I brought the technology to the USA and filed for my patent rights at the United States Patent Office. It was during the time period when the American public was rejecting Diesel automobiles being manufactured by the US big three auto makers, which had all sorts of engine problems, that my confidential diesel technology was leaked into the public newspapers, and maybe for a very good reason.  After all of these exploitations and GM being the world’s #1 auto manufacturer in the world, who made the best automobiles, I was offered a post to solve their Diesel engine problem during their troubled time. I would have worked with them and produced the best Diesel automobiles for the world market with 70 miles per gallon, low carbon exhaust and to be an Earth friendly automobile. This engine design would have topped the world market with competition close to the German’s successfully manufactured Diesel automobiles built under their inventor Rudolf Diesel’s technology for the world’s consumer market.  However, during that time period, I was not in support of Diesel technology for automobile use even though I had always dreamt of building the world’s fastest Diesel machines with zero carbon exhaust for competition at the Indy 50o, driven with high octane formula #1 fuel. It was just after my patent filing that I took over a large manufacturing company in the USA as the Operational Research and Development Engineer. Our company was responsible for manufacturing all sorts of transmission and push/pull cables for the big three auto manufacturers in the USA.  It was an individually owned company on the verge of going out of business because of their bad quality products. They promised to pay me 3 million dollars if I made the company profitable once again.  This gave me the confidence and drive I needed to support the future patent filings of my Green Earth Program inventions.  Within two years time and by using my own personal innovations and machinery modifications, on their old machineries and tooling, the company became the number one cable manufacturing company in the USA and received many awards and quality #1 flags from the big three auto makers for producing the best cables ever made. I had raised their financial status from a negative twelve million (12M) dollars to a profitable thirty six million (36M) dollars by relocating seven engineers from the manufacturing facility to office management so they could at least keep their jobs and salaries.  This helped the company regain full control of their manufacturing operations and produce more business from many other cable businesses and cable manufacturing companies. This overall increase in productivity and overall product quality allowed us to save all of our employee’s jobs in addition to the creation of more new jobs.  This successful operation was kept confidential between the Chief Engineer/Manager and myself while the company’s reputation flourished. Despite the auto industry being exploited by Japan during this time period, all of our engineers were allowed to keep their jobs. I’m mentioning this now so the world recognizes that my intent then as well as now is to “create jobs”.

As we have seen in recent decades, we are currently experiencing the same type of exploitation with China, but on a larger scale.  By implementing even a small part of our outlined agenda on the following pages we will be able to create thousands of new manufacturing jobs here in the United States under our own filed patent rights in the USA and in the international patent offices to support my Earth programs.  As other countries adopt our agenda based on our Earth friendly programs they too will reap the benefits.

China's CO2 Bi-Products Contributes Dramatically To Global CO2 Problem

Three years later the company owner and the vice president did not pay me the reward as promised by the maturity date, despite their current success and the positive forecast for the expansion and addition of 450 new jobs to manufacture cables for foreign cars that were being assembled in the USA.  I gave them another three months to pay what they had promised.  There were still no signs of any payment to myself hence I left the company.  Seven months later, that very same company with over 650 employees, went out of business. It was so sad the vice president collapsed and passed away and the owner was forced to sell the assets for one third of the market price to their rival company, a company that I had personally acquired some business from.  This was deeply disturbing to me since my vision and dream was to produce the city that I loved to become the highest paid and richest manufacturing city in the United States with the addition of 11,000 high paying manufacturing jobs to manufacture products for the European consumer market under my own patent rights.  As a result of my newfound financial hardship I was unable to contest the arguments surrounding my very first patent filing for my Diesel engine technology so I lost the rights for that invention.  I was still glad to see that my filed patent and technology got leaked into the most popular newspaper of that city.  A few years later I noticed and began seeing eighteen wheel trucks and diesel driven automobiles no longer spewing black smoke from their exhaust. Despite being thrilled that the atmosphere was no longer in jeopardy from the exhaust of those Diesel vehicles I was extremely disappointed that my technology had been used and I was not given credit for these monumental changes and the resolution of this critical environmental issue.

Diesel Smoke Contribute Dramatically To Global CO2 Problem

Due to these feelings of being exploited and loss of the utmost trust and belief I had in that company, the unfortunate patent filing experience with the US Patent Office and losing the rights for my diesel technology, which was novel, plus NASA not accepting my true scientific investigative report with facts that hydrogen embrittlement was the cause for the Challenger’s disaster, in honor of the seven astronauts who lost their lives, I gave up everything in life, including all of my engineering technology and the filing of the seven other inventions in the late 1980s.  I began to notice a serious trend in weather related disasters due to the rapid rise of CO2 in the atmosphere around early 2000 and started filing my other seven patents.  I began filing these inventions in 2004 with my personal investments and later with the support of my investors.  Most of my inventions are tools and machineries for reducing and controlling the excessive amount of CO2 already in the atmosphere and the CO2 getting added to the atmosphere. Some of them are related to product manufacturing and would create thousands of jobs to support my projects. Due to financial hardship my programs were crippled again in 2008. It was sadly after that I refused a “half-a-million-US-dollar-offer” by a foreign government to start up manufacturing on one of my patent-owned products, which would have initiated my first creation of  700 jobs.  I didn’t want the product manufactured outside of the United States, for the main reason of being a US citizen, and a strong desire to create jobs here in USA first then in three other countries that will be very important to our future Earth projects, so I refused the offer.  On the contrary, I would have accepted an offer such as this from the United States Government if it meant the creation of jobs here in the USA.

I was unable to share my projects with the public for the main reason that I didn’t have any protection on my inventions.  As previously discussed, I have worked for over forty years with very little personal wealth of my own and later with some private investments to bring down the CO2 in the atmosphere.  Many of my inventions failed to progress due to a lack of consistent and private financial support.  To date, I have not asked for, nor have I received any public financial support or any rewards for my scientific investigative reports on unsolvable and unsuccessful scientific conclusions that saved thousands of American lives and the other that helped the atmosphere.  Due to the critical nature and hope for a timely resolution of our CO2 dilemma and its importance right now, I anticipate positive support from US citizens and the world to join in my forty year crusade to save our Mother Earth.

Hurricanes and Tornadoes are the Repercussions of Our Global CO2 Problem

I met Tim Slazyk in the later part of 2012. I started talking to him about my involvements on Earthly matters and my plans. He showed some interest and support. Shortly thereafter we started writing the “twenty four page” report about “Mother Earth” and produced Video #1.  By the end of writing the twenty for page report the name “Mother Earth” became “Project Mother Earth and then Project Mother Earth 360” for our Longitudinal/Latitudinal issues and “Project Mother Earth 720” for issues related to LLA which led to the release of several videos regarding the Earth’s serious CO2 problem and other issues outlined in our agenda.  We are capable of correcting this extremely serious Global CO2 problem under the guidance of the “Superior Creator” who created this unique universe. Once this project is underway, we anticipate there will be significant assistance from the US Government and the world to help establish new environmental rules and regulations so all the countries around the world can work together on improving the world’s CO2 condition.  Now is the time for actions instead of just words and endless forecasts. Please review the outlined Agenda in the following pages and show your support towards our solution by visiting our website We also will be looking more volunteers from all over the world to take part in our program so all of us together can solve these serious problems.

Only We, The Citizens of the World Can Solve This Global CO2 Problem

Mother Earth is confused and trying to readjust to the present disturbances as she did in the 1930’s, and then again in the 1960’s, which is no longer working due to the severity of the damage.  Her only choice is to disappear but before that happens the planet will be on fire.

As we can see by obvious recent events, unexpected things are occurring across the globe that Mother Earth can no longer adjust to.  Formerly, she was able to adjust because resources were plentiful.  During the summers of 2012 and 2013 in the Western part of the globe, the United States, the United Kingdom and many other countries began experiencing abnormally cold temperatures.  The cause for this is the cold air from the North Pole traveling in a Southerly direction due to the Earth’s North Pole wind belt weakness, plus to compensate and readjust for the damages done by excessive amounts of CO2 creating high-low air density variations in the atmosphere.  According to our recent studies surrounding the destruction from Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in November 2013 and the flooding in the United Kingdom during December 2013, we can now say and without any doubt that we are heading towards a stage that will become irreversible.  The confusion that is now taking place in the world’s more stable zones, such as the United Kingdom, has been mentioned many times in our videos and is growing worse each minute.   It is possible that a negative memory signal has been created which is now hurting the North Atlantic Ocean current function and even causing some minor trouble for the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Driver efficiency, which is not visible to human eyes yet and may cause even more severe damages in the very near future.  Our understanding is that this may also be the cause for warm air entering the atmosphere around the Arctic, which has triggered the North zone memory system, especially in areas closest to the Northern part of the Globe.   As seen in the North Western part of the globe, such as Canada and the Northern USA, in January 2014, has experienced extremely unusual deep freezing temperatures, which may be to protect the North Pole ice, which logically and certainly proves that there may be some serious confusion in the North Pole wind belt stabilizer system, which in turn and for sure, is destroying the icy mountains.  This is one of the interrelated weather issues Project Mother Earth 360 is working on.

Melting Ice in the Himalayas and North Pole - Global CO2 Problem

While looking at the Far Eastern and Southern part of the globe, New Zealand, Australia and the Indian Ocean are now experiencing cold weather during their peak summer seasons and gradually losing their summer days.  The rain that would normally occur over Australian lands has moved off track and is being dropped into the ocean.  The same can be reversed and flood the Australian land.  Within the next decade or two, as the Southern wind belt’s stabilizer memories continue failing, the hotter climate will begin destroying the solid, rocky and icy mountains in the Antarctic.

Australian Scientists have begun experiencing abnormal ice buildups in the Antarctic, which will continue to periodically occur.  This temporary ice buildup is due to the South tropical wind belt offsets, and the South Westerly wind belt’s negative influences.  This will add to the confusion and trend that will continue to become ever more severe. The destruction of these icy mountains will not only make sea levels rise, it will be a major contributing factor for serious droughts that will begin destroying the food producing farmlands in Australia at an unmanageable pace.

Due to these Earthly negative wind belt memories and negative conveyor belt signal influences affecting Antarctica, Mother Earth may become even more seriously confused, meaning the reverse is also true.  Heavy flooding and dams breaking could also occur.  The longitudinal wind flow may get altered completely and its relationship to this modification will cause serious weather damages to Australia and the surrounding zones.  There is also a possibility that the Southern Hemisphere could go through an ice age phase within the next few decades before serious damage from drought occurrences.

Droughts and Famine - Global CO2 Problem - Project Mother Earth 360

The last four-decade study shows most of the unbalanced weather conditions in that area may be the result of deforestation and degradation of the rain forests in the Northeastern and Southeastern territories of Australia.  In addition, it may also be the cause or result of the North Atlantic Great Ocean Conveyor Belt drive weaknesses, as well as the South Easterly wind belt memory losing its Earthly land relativity signals.  Since the influences of these climatic damages are now visible in Australia and New Zealand, and with Australia being the only large area of land exposed to the South Pole, and being in-between the South Easterly wind belt and the South Westerly wind belt, it would only make sense that Australia should improve upon their weather conditions with the practice of the proper technologies.  This will also show huge weather pattern improvements in New Zealand rather than New Zealand trying to solve their own weather pattern problems from within their own land, which is not practical.

Since there would be more disturbances to interfere with the scientific studies and investigative analysis in countries in and around the North Pole, and despite the severity of those conditions in the North Atlantic, such as the weakening of the “Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Drive System” and the North zone driving towards an ice age.  These studies should begin and escalate quickly in the South zone since there will be less disturbances. The recent studies by the Australian scientists regarding the confusion of the ice formation and deformation status in the South Pole, and our studies on the longitudinal wind flow’s negative alterations, is truly proving once again that Mother Earth is helpless but not as serious when compared to the events that are now taking place in the Northern parts of the globe.  For example, in recent years Australia has been experiencing drought conditions due to the rainfall they were familiar with moving off-track from land to ocean.  Isolation of the rain clouds, due to the weather pattern confusion, has caused drought conditions for Australia and rain falling into the Indian Ocean instead of on the land.  It is possible during the peak hot summers that heat waves and droughts could prepare the wild forests to be self-ignited and then boosted by the Westerly winds and its counter wind forces into enormous forest fires for even more severe fire damages in Australia.

Severe Flooding Due To Global Carbon Dioxide Problem

Just a little over three years ago in 2010, due to a change in the weather pattern that occurred, which was due to the Earth’s memory failure, the North Easterly wind belt air-flow at the North Latitude L23-L65, created turbulence in the Arabian Sea and diverted an unthinkable reverse wind flow “North-East-East” towards the Himalayas, thereby aggravating the icy mountain, which caused severe flooding, mud slides and sudden Earth movements in Tajikistan, China, North India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, killing a huge number of human beings and live stock worth over 4 billion US dollars in damages in Pakistan alone.  The recently confused hurricane, “Sandy”, in the Western hemisphere, made a surprising 65-degree left diversion for landfall.  In conclusion, Sandy should have made a right diversion due to the Longitude-Latitude it was at and its influence of the Gulf Stream flow and the flow influence of the North Westerly trade wind.  Looking at the forward speed increase as the hurricane was approaching land, it is highly possible that Sandy picked up a strong suspicious land signal, besides the Mid-Atlantic high-pressure memory influence that was warned by the computerized weather forecast system, which made Sandy hit the land surface strongly at a vertical 90 degrees, causing severe damage.  One of the ten issues in our agenda, under our 720 program, will be to discuss this matter thoroughly throughout the progress of the project.

After looking into all recent events there is no doubt that the next decade or  two, when the CO2 approaches 450ppm or more, hurricanes will be capable of turning around 180 degrees resulting in massive moisture content for landfall due to extreme Earthly longitudinal wind belt stabilizer weaknesses.  As we have already seen, unpredictable weather patterns and confusion around the globe are hurting the land surfaces severely.  This is rarely spoken of since a similar event took place in New York recently and has become a serious topic, because of the devastating damage that cost over 60 billion dollars.   Hopefully, every human being will now think of the seriousness of global warming and how it can impact us.  These sort of violent environmental weather events are quickly increasing and occurring all over the globe, which truly shows that Mother Earth is badly confused.  She may even quite possibly begin shutting down the Ocean Conveyor Belt Drive System within the next decade or two, which may lead the Northern Hemisphere into an ice age. There is no time for discussions and forecasts about what is going to happen next, as we have previously done.  Although the data is essential, it is imperative that we focus on solutions.  It is a critical time for humanity and we must all participate in solving the problem by taking action to remedy the issues now, before it becomes even more critical and eventually, “irreversible”.

Hurricanes and Tornadoes - Another Result of High CO2 Levels

Mother Earth is getting hurt very badly.  She can no longer adjust to the damage.  We are on the brink of disaster.

The cause for all of Earth’s disasters is the culprit “CO2”, Carbon Dioxide and the carbon soot that is simultaneously compounding at a huge rate; a rate that our Earth cannot tolerate.  The CO2 levels from 1750 to 1950 rose from 279ppm to 308ppm.  This difference of 29ppm over a period of 200 years was natures adjustment and not at all serious.  From the year 1950 to 2000 the CO2 level in the atmosphere rose from 308ppm to 370ppm.  This was a difference of 62ppm over a period of only 50 years, a very serious and disturbing rise that must be addressed as quickly as possible.  Something mankind has unknowingly done has caused such a rapid rise in CO2 over such a short period of time.  In the past 13 years the CO2 production has risen at such a rapid rate and is now out of control.  Scientists are unable to reach a conclusion for a remedy to solve this rapid rise of CO2 in the atmosphere.

As of January 2014, CO2 production has risen above 400ppm, which is not a completely accurate measurement since different geographical regions produce very different and inconsistent results. There are many factors that can rapidly affect these measurements.  If these measurements were taken in the West zone such as Hawaii and North America it would have given the actual reading.  If the readings were taken in other parts of the globe such as China, India and the Eastern part of the globe, these numbers would be dramatically higher.  To date, there have been no positive methods developed to control CO2 production and levels in the atmosphere.  In addition, scientists have stopped measuring CO2 measurements in the densely populated areas such as China, India, and surrounding areas in the Eastern side of the globe because the uncontrollable production of CO2 in these areas makes it extremely difficult to get an accurate global average.

I have been studying and observing the research and reports from scientists for the past forty years.  The graphs do not lie.  At the rate at which CO2 is rising, rain forests in certain areas of the globe will eventually be engulfed inflames due to severe droughts, unless we implement realistic solutions now.  The reverse is also true where heavy floods will wash out other areas of the globe with landslides, mudslides and other CO2 weather related calamities.  We must get our CO2 levels under control now.  We are urging everyone to read through this report and provide their full voice support towards “Project Mother Earth 360”.  After we receive the support of the public we will pursue local and foreign governments.

Carbon Dioxide Chart - Project Mother Earth 360

The entire global population is very much worried, and has not been given a solution to this very serious problem.

Now the entire world is talking about the CO2 problem and the scientists don’t know what to do.  It is out of control and Mother Earth can no longer adjust to these high levels.  These Earthly weather damaging events and unexpected global exploitations have escalated to serious levels beyond our wildest imaginations.  Now, especially in recent years, it has become much worse.  Scientists have worked on many engineering technologies and introduced many ideas in the last few decades into the science world, for which they deserve commendation.  However, none of them will resolve this problem individually.  I welcome those scientist’s honorable statements and ideas regarding the fact that “we are in some serious trouble”.  Yes, it is true and very believable that planet Earth is in some very serious trouble.  Now the time has come for “all” scientists from around the world to take action by peacefully working together to solve this problem instead of simply acknowledging, “we have a problem”.

Massive Drought Due To Global Carbon Dioxide Problem

CO2 has gone over the acceptable level in the atmosphere.  It has become so severe that CO2 is being flushed into the ocean, by nature and human technology, and making the oceans too acidic for sea life

There are several events that must occur simultaneously to rectify the global CO2 problem.  We must first stop all coal driven power drivers and reduce the use of improper combustion of Carbon content Diesel fuel for the creation of electricity in power plants and cut down on Diesel powered  automobiles on the road if we want to breathe healthy air and correct the imbalance of CO2 entering the atmosphere.  These are the most important issues that can dramatically reduce the rapidly rising CO2 levels in our atmosphere.   The next important issue is to design the natural CO2 recycling system for reducing the CO2 counts in the atmosphere “naturally and automatically” and maintaining the CO2 concentration in the air at approximately 0.03% (300ppm) at any given time.  One of the Earthly recycling systems used to convert CO2 to O2 that we once had an abundance of, was green trees.

We are continuing to lose acres and acres of green trees at an alarming rate.  We MUST discontinue the use of wood for personal use such as home building and heating homes.   In addition, we once had monsoon rains around the world as Earthly CO2 neutralizers but they are failing to produce the results we need.   Presently, the natural recycling systems that are currently in use are failing rapidly at an uncontrollable rate. If we cannot correct all of the negative influences and the C02 counts in the atmosphere that were created by human negligence and selfishness then CO2 should be trapped artificially from the atmosphere by artificial means.  This may need to be done by the CCS (Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage) engineering technology practice that was introduced by one of the US engineering colleges in the United States.  This will be very costly in the long run but the question is “Should that be used only if there are no other choices”?  The other technology is the DAC (Direct Air Capture System) technology introduced by a Canadian College which involves “trapping the Carbon Dioxide”.  These methods are very costly and will never meet the reality of science to solve these kind of serious problems.

Global CO2 Problem - Global Carbon Dioxide Problem

As we have seen, CO2 is rapidly entering the atmosphere in large-scale quantities per time, which is currently uncontrollable.  It has also been mentioned, in recent scientific studies and observations, that the CO2 ppm (Parts Per Million) has surpassed 400ppm.  My most recent scientific engineering studies over the past ten years indicate that CO2 counts may reach 600ppm or more by the year 2040 or even earlier.  This forecast is based on the loss of green trees due to forests burning because of droughts, an increase in electricity generator power drives and pollutants from factories, plus the number of bicycle riders in China, India and other parts of the world switching from riding a bicycle to driving an automobile.  In addition, the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has already risen to an intolerable level of 0.04% (400ppm) plus in the Western zone.  This measurement may be even higher in the Eastern part of the globe.

If the atmospheric CO2 concentration reaches a level of 0.05 to 0.06%, which is where we are headed soon, the heat in the atmosphere will skyrocket and more wild forest fires will occur around the world due to the high Carbon in the atmosphere and the drought conditions that will result.  At the present time the CO2 concentration (beyond the acceptable range) is affecting the grass from residential homes, farmlands and crops.  The grass and corn leaves are ready to ignite because they are approaching their low flashing temperature.  If the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere continues to rise, the grass from residential homes will literally be cooked and self ignite, setting houses and towns on fire.

Forest Fires Throughout The World Due To Global CO2 Problem

There is no time to wait any longer.  The production of CO2 in the atmosphere is currently uncontrollable, in a way that is similar to what happened to the dinosaurs.

It is now evident that CO2 is entering the atmosphere at an uncontrollable and unmanageable rate.  Due to natural resources getting depleted each day, Mother Earth can no longer adjust to this imbalance and our atmospheric temperatures are changing from extremely cold or extremely hot and to unbearable temperatures and beyond. Ice in the Himalayas and the North Pole are melting away at an astonishing rate.  Eventually, this will be seen in the South Pole within the next decade or two. Recent measurements and documentation indicates that many warm countries around the world, including the warmer states in the U.S.A., while going through their drought experiences, are also experiencing freezing cold weather during their summer seasons and even frigid cold temperatures during their winters, which is a direct correlation to Earth’s adjustment, This will be explained in detail during the process of our agenda.  The time has come for every human being to work seriously to save our planet.

Cars Contributing to Global CO2 Problem - Carbon Dioxide Problem

Due to the rising of the atmospheric temperature and the ice melting in the North Pole and eventually in the South Pole, the sea level will rise above land levels and the entire world’s drinking water supply may run out.  In the near future, any land closest to the sea will be under water.  Rising Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Soot levels in the atmosphere are the reason for all of the droughts, flooding and wild forest fires across the globe.  By 2040, and perhaps even sooner, the CO2 in the atmosphere may be at a life altering level of 600ppm.  Calculations indicate that CO2 may even rise to 900ppm by the year 2050 and perhaps even sooner.  At this time, life as we know it would cease to exist.  Wild forest fires, droughts and severe flooding will engulf the planet.  Once the concentration in the atmosphere reaches 0.07% to 0.09% any land that is about twenty miles in radius towards the sea may be under water.  Many islands will be missing from the map.  Again, the rapid ice melting in the North and South Pole will surely cause the Earth to reposition itself, causing earthquakes, tidal waves, tsunamis and unspeakable acts of vengeance from Mother Earth. We are given the last opportunity to save our “Mother Earth”. If not, we will lose her and she may be dismantled out of this galaxy.  What will happen to our planet Earth and its relationship with the galaxy will always be questionable.  To fully understand the actual concept of it, as no one with present scientific knowledge has been able to travel this distance in one’s mind, to answer questions of this magnitude, one day mankind will travel into this realm of science to understand the concepts behind this technology, since the Earth and Galaxies were created by the utmost scientist, whom I call the genius engineer, the greatest scientist and even God, the almighty power that created this unique universe for all mankind to live comfortably.

The time has come for all countries around the world to grasp this concept and fully understand all of these issues and the impact of neglecting them if not addressed immediately.   We must all work together now to control the CO2 production entering the atmosphere, in addition to reducing the CO2 levels that are already in the atmosphere.

Dried Up Lake Due To Droughts Related To Global CO2 Crisis!

The Agenda, consisting of ten important issues, will be carefully outlined, addressed and proposed under the new law, which clearly references the future critical requirements to save 0ur planet.

“Every Displaced Action Has an Equal Counter Action”

This new scientific law will be explained in greater detail to clearly identify each aspect of the law and to further validate its realistic characteristics of “String Engineering”.

(1) To bring down and maintain a global CO2 average of 300ppm or less.

(2) To build the Earth Friendly Aircraft with our “Inplacement Technology”  (Already in progress)

(3) All wild fires in the USA are to be brought down under control within a critical twenty-four hour time frame.  In case of a wild wind and high turbulence it will be a maximum of forty-eight hours.

(4) Assurances report to save 95% of all homes in case of any one wild fire occurrence, especially a zone such as California.

(5) To slow down the melting ice in the Poles and bring the melting under control.  This is to be among our very first projects including the development and placement of our patent pending technology so we can then begin to focus on all other issues closely related to the melting ice at the Poles and in the Himalayas.

(6) Discussions and course of action with the scientific community on Horizontal/Vertical and Vertical/Vertical brief “Inplacement Technology” and “Mass in Space” study report for the future scientists to give their suggestions and to understand our Universe and how our planet is inter-related.

(7) CO2 production into the atmosphere from around the world will be kept under strict control by friendly rules and regulations.

(8) Country zones will be established.  All country zones will have gauge readers placed in specific locations to measure their approximate CO2 counts in that particular zone at any specific time.

(9) Under our United States filed patents, our target is to create product manufacturing  jobs here in the USA and eventually in other countries around the world.  There are tremendous opportunities for the creation of full time primary and secondary manufacturing  jobs.

(10) To be disclosed at a later date when the Earth becomes even more seriously confused and un-repairable and the repercussions are unbearable.

Project Forecast

Only after planning and building our first ever man made “Rain Forest/Green-House” and an “Earth Friendly Air Craft”, which have already been designed, and after putting this to test will we be able to discuss the remedy of how soon we can bring down CO2 counts that are already in the atmosphere.  According to our carefully calculated engineering forecast we can confidently predict at least a 3 to 7% reduction in CO2 counts per year that are already in the atmosphere, not to mention the CO2 production that is presently entering the atmosphere.

Due to the massive quantity of CO2 that is already in the atmosphere and the uncontrollable production of CO2 into the atmosphere it will take some time to see the changes but it can be done with the help and support of the world.  I assure you all, that you will see this in your lifetime.  I will be discussing with all who are deeply devoted and truly involved in these types of similar programs.  Hopefully, in the near future we will all work together for success of the operation “Save Our Mother Earth”.

The Forecast Of Our Agenda

Our organization owns some patent rights at the United States Patent Office and some outside of the USA. Hopefully, we will have a few patentable machinery designs that will be put into operation before 2016 as patent pending.  Our first project will be to bring down the CO2 counts.  We will start by building the “Artificial Rain Creation Greenhouse”. This project will be mainly to prepare the engineering mathematical calculations on the Horizontal/Vertical and Vertical/Vertical Earthly signals in relation to the H2O content clouds and also to study the connection of that to the Earth’s air flow system.  The second project will be to study the clouds in the atmosphere around the globe.  This includes studies on the massive structured clouds, isolated scattered clouds, their movement, travel speed and turbulence.  This will take some time because of the international study report from various locations and international manpower.

Meanwhile, if the financial support is available, we will start building the Earth Friendly Air Craft and Robot Firefighter.  Each Robot Firefighter will be equal to about forty live fire fighters and will be designed to withstand about 2000F and be able to fight the fire as close as 300 ft or less.  This will give us further development of the Robot for its efficiency to withstand higher temperatures in high turbulence zones.  We will be developing the other machineries at the same time and will be filing for patent protection at the US and International Patent Offices, for all of our future innovations as well.  This again will create abundant opportunities for jobs here in the U.S.A. and in other countries around the world that get involved in our projects.

American Flag - Project Mother Earth 360

The first job creation for these projects will be the engineering and scientist selection

(1) First and foremost, we will search for scientists and engineers with born or learned innovative technical intelligence.  They must have at least three patent filed proofs or owned at patent offices in the USA or any part of the world.  Plus, they must have at least two patents or patentable thesis now pending.  We will accept their owned patents even in their company names.

(2) The second set of candidates who have a PhD or a Master’s Degree in any engineering field.  These candidates must have at least three patents in their name or through their company’s names.  In addition, they must have at least three patents or patentable thesis now pending.

Jessey Roger


Global CO2 Problem - Carbon Dioxide Problem

Closing Remarks

IMPORTANT NOTE: I can assure you that you have not heard that the underlying reasons for these Earthly disasters and travesties that are occurring globally at an unprecedented rate are due to the rapid rise of CO2 and carbon soot in the atmosphere.  There are many people who are simply not well informed about the critical CO2 issues we are facing.  This is our biggest obstacle.  We must all work together on these issues peacefully to save our Mother Earth.  Nobody has ever approached the public with a solid agenda and a realistic solution from every engineering and scientific angle to heal the planet, until now.  Project Mother Earth 360’s agenda is a complete 360-degree solution that has tremendous and realistic possibilities that need to be forefront in the minds of all.

We are moving ahead and anticipate global support.  Over the coming months and on a regular scheduled basis we will update the public on our progress and the success of our operation and developments.  We have presented only facts and will continue to present proven facts that everyone needs to understand and believe since there is no time to waste.  Its time for the world to open their eyes and ears to this very serious CO2 issue and the ramifications to follow if neglected or evaded.  Every living human will play an integral role in the success of this program, which we have named “Project Mother Earth 360”.   Please read this report in its entirety to fully understand the critical and timely nature of this problem we all face if not addressed soon.  Please watch our videos on YouTube by searching for “Project Mother Earth 360”.  You may also visit our website at and show your support towards our agenda, that if followed and supported by the populations worldwide, will begin to heal our Mother Earth by slowly repairing what mankind has unknowingly damaged throughout the years.  There is no time to waste.

Flooding and Mudslides Due To Global Carbon Dioxide Problem

Jessey Roger, has been working and studying for the last 40+ years by researching and following this global CO2 dilemma, which is now at the brink of disaster.  Since this issue has become a very critical situation and because all the original Earthly longitudinal wind belt signals are failing, he has come forward with a positive 360-degree engineering solution to repair the horizontal/vertical and vertical/vertical negative memory signals, which will eventually allow Mother Earth to do what it does best, heal the wounds from eight decades of industrialization and other man-made CO2 creation.   These CO2 solutions will tackle the signals horizontally and vertically based on our new law “Every Displaced Action has an Equal Counter Action” and bring back the original memories to correct the severity of the weak longitudinal wind belt flow systems and also to stabilize the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Drive System.  I urge you all to read and fully comprehend this well explained CO2 report for the world as well as watch the video presentation that Jessey Roger and I have created to further validate the scope and agenda of our organization.

My involvement in the program as the General Manager, Senior Computer Engineer, and Coordinator will be to oversee the entire operation and database management from start to healing, domestically and internationally.  We have been working and planning, writing, rewriting and creating videos that will open the world’s eyes to the shocking truth, but hopefully will end with a comforting solution if acted upon promptly, unlike other reports that have only presented the problem and never a solution.  The importance of teamwork, cooperation and global recognition has never been so vitally important.  Please realize the critical and timely nature of implementing our agenda and understand clearly that nobody has ever presented a complete 360 degree solution to solve this extremely serious environmental problem until now.

We have an agenda that will not only reduce the rate at which excessive amounts of CO2 that enter the atmosphere and continue to accumulate, but one that will also slowly begin to reduce the already accumulated CO2 in the atmosphere. There is very little time left if this unattended pollution to our atmosphere continues without implementing a plan. Furthermore, without global support it will eventually get to a point that could quite possibly and unfortunately be irreversible.  We don’t know when that will occur so time is of the essence, which is why we must come together now and support this cause.  We do anticipate and realize there may be several obstacles and barriers to cross but with the help of the entire world and scientific community we can overcome these obstacles, and the challenges ahead.  It is imperative that local and international governments recognize that the general public supports our cause and wants the CO2 issues remedied.  There is no time to waste. Without your support there is no way we can fulfill our outlined agenda.  We will succeed but only if everyone understands the urgency and critical nature of pursuing our plans immediately.

Please send your comments, questions and suggestions to  and we will answer all email promptly.  You may also follow us at EarthTechNews on Twitter and YouTube.  Our primary website is
We are about to take on an endeavor that is enormous in magnitude but one that will reverse the negative damage done by excessive and uncontrolled amounts of CO2 in and entering the atmosphere.  It will be the deciding factor of life on Earth in the very near and future years ahead.  Thank you for caring for our planet.

Timothy G. Slazyk
General Manager/Senior Computer Engineer/Database Administrator/Project Coordinator

Global Carbon Dioxide Problem - Project Mother Earth 360

We are given the last opportunity to save our “Mother Earth”.  If not, we will lose her and she may be dismantled out of this galaxy.
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carbon dioxide report - project mother earth 360 - co2 solution - carbon dioxide solution
carbon dioxide report - project mother earth 360 - co2 solution - carbon dioxide solution - co2 solution
carbon dioxide report - project mother earth 360 - co2 solution - carbon dioxide solution
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