Serious warning to USA be Watchful for “Hurricane Sandy # 2” and those who are in the Eastern part of the Globe for “Typhoon Thunder Rock”.

Devastating TYPHOON “Thunder Rock” Updated August 28, 2014 and the “Earth Matter” updated on October 16th 2014.

Read the latest status and the updated report on Typhoon “Thunder Rock” Below the July 14th 2014 original release. Our second law “All Matter is Memoried by the Universe. Matter that is not Memoried by the Universe is not Matter”.  Based on this law, planet “Earth” may get “Dismantled” out of our “Galaxy”.

Released on July 14th 2014

Jessey Roger predicted Hurricane “Arthur” eight months ago, just after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and long before it was named “Arthur”.  It was strongly spoken of in our 24 Page CO2 Report.  He studied Typhoon Neoguri in the Pacific Ocean in early July 2014, which was just after the occurrence of Hurricane Arthur in the Atlantic Ocean.  Most noticeable was Typhoon Neoguri’s strong forward movement at Latitude N15 heading strongly towards China and then curving outwards, away from China at Latitude N25 while only eight months ago Typhoon Haiyan in the Pacific hit hard in the Philippines and then curved back strongly towards China before it died out completely.  Oddly, tropical storms Douglas and Elita in the Pacific, near Western Mexico, did not make any landfall.  Hurricane Arthur’s path seems to have been initiated by the Pacific tropical storms which could have created the memory for Hurricane Arthur to travel East on the North Tropical wind belt (which always has an influence to travel west) and then making its left turn to head North.

All of these events, when put into the Earth’s language, indicate there is going to be a very serious devastating Typhoon developing in the very near future.  It is quite likely that this Typhoon, of epic proportions, will be created near the North Pacific Ocean between LN10/LN30 on the North Tropical wind belt before heading for landfall. The destination for this event is unknown at this time,
but this is going to be an event like never before. It will be created as a powerful Super Typhoon based on the combination of three or more tropical cyclone formations and the counter actions of (????) It will be the most powerful Typhoon in the history of the planet. “Project Mother Earth 360” has named this Typhoon “Thunder Rock” because of the magnitude of its energy.  At the same time, within a close approximate time period of this event, a Hurricane may originate in the Atlantic Ocean about 200 to 300 miles West of Africa between LN15/LN25 on the North Tropical wind belt and will be moving towards the Caribbean islands.

I am sad to say that many Earthly citizens truly don’t absorb when I bring the true facts of our planet's condition and the dangers we all face.  Two years ago when I warned Canada that “Tornadoes” are getting out of their alleys, we witnessed tornado devastations during June 2014, in Canadian locations never before prone to tornados. For example, On July 9th 2014 a devastating tornado that was not in the weather forecast to warn citizens, surprised Syracuse New York killing four which is far away from the US Tornado Alley. 

I am doing this because many don’t understand the true engineering science of our planet Earth. Some greed players have named themselves scientists and began working on this Earth science which is just like playing dice with God. Now the “North Vortex” is working hard and the North Pole icy mountains are melting rapidly because of the mess mankind has made. To better understand how the polar Vortex are interconnected with the Earth's memory system please read our 24 page report.
In July of 2014, America experienced the effects of Hurricane Arthur without knowing why it even took place.  Why are these weather events happening and what are causing them? Another update for September 2014 was snow falling in Canada on September 8th 2014, which never happened before, which I warned America about two years ago.  I indicated there will snow during the summer which is sure to take place very soon. Also, lets not forget the angry Monsoon rain that flooded Pakistan and India, killing many. Hurricane Arthur also came to warn the citizens that planet Earth is in serious trouble and seriously confused.  The second main issue is that the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Driver is weakening because of CO2 over heating the Earth’s atmosphere and creating isolated “latitudinal” wind forces that are weakening the “North Westerly wind belt. According to “Project Mother Earth 360” this was an unprecedented event for the main reason that Hurricane Arthur’s memory was created by “Tropical storms Douglas and Elida” in the North Pacific/West of Mexico which made Hurricane Arthur travel East against the North tropical wind flow before turning left to go North. 

Updated August 28th 2014

It is sad to say that these unusual weather disturbances occurring in just the last two years and more seriously during the last six months, shows that our planet Earth is very much confused and disturbed. Maybe she is heading towards dismantling herself out of the galaxy; based on our second law
“All Matter is Memoried by the Universe; Matter that is not Memoried by the Universe is not Matter”. This was very well explained in all three of our videos, 24 page Earth report and on the CO2 chart. Mankind, who is responsible for the damages, has unknowingly hurt our planet very badly; it is now as bad as spoken of in our report two years ago. As mentioned in our 24 page report, planet Earth is very much confused due to a global disorderly weather system. Without any doubt there can now be snow days in the middle of the summer and heat waves during the winter, all due to the longitudinal wind belt weaknesses and the recently confused North Polar Vortex acts, truly created by excessive amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. 

What we predicted some time ago regarding “Thunder Rock's” path, is about to take place.  It has changed its memory within just two months.  As forecasted two years ago in our report, multiple unexpected and confused isolated tropical wind spirals within close proximity to each other can occur and are now taking place in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. These occurrences have been specially named as “Self Memoried Islands in the atmosphere” which may become the super drive gears for creating high turbulence wind forces that could create devastating Typhoons, Hurricanes and Cyclones around the world. It is also sad to say that the individual isolated zone memories in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and in the Atlantic Ocean are now getting inter-connected to each other which are unaccepted by the Earth’s originally designed cooling system. That was very much explained in our 24 page Earth report and long before humankind ever thought this will happen.

The shocking Typhoon “Thunder Rock” is now changing its original path based on our well calculated report that was forecasted some time ago and is truly an unimaginable wonder. This surly proves that the entire Earth's wind system is badly confused. Our latest report shows a huge path change for typhoon “Thunder Rock”.  Our most recent analyzed report shows that Super Typhoon “Thunder Rock” may be created between LN05/LN15 and will possibly travel North/North/West up to LN27/LN32 while increasing its whirling motion and torque during its travel time. It may then get memoried to travel strongly westward towards landfall unless the CO2 created Latitudinal wind flow influences change its memory. The landfall is unpredictable because of the seriousness of Earth’s confused wind memory system which is now primarily controlled by the super-heated CO2 air waves.

As mentioned earlier, a Hurricane may simultaneously originate in the Atlantic Ocean about 300 miles West of Africa and travel Westward  towards the Caribbean islands, which may now possibly get diverted at L35 +or- 05 to travel North/West, skipping the Caribbean islands altogether. Then, at L70 +or- 10, it will make a sharp right turn to travel North/North/East on the Atlantic Ocean towards the Westerly wind belt flow area, instead of going towards the bay of Mexico, which was also predicted before in our forecast.

The Eastern parts of the USA  must be very watchful for these type of hurricanes which will be traveling Northwards on the North Atlantic Ocean due to the North Polar Vortex now  moving its concentration towards the North/North Atlantic Ocean. On some occasions the confused Vortex can create high pressure in the “Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Drive” zone area which may force the hurricanes that travel Northward on the North Atlantic ocean to make a right turn towards the Atlantic Ocean, or a left turn for landfall. These events can take place even during the off seasons because of the Earth’s confused wind flow memories.

Since all of the recent tropical wind forces and Typhoons did not make landfall, or reach their designated target, such as Typhoon Haiyan missing its target and failing to complete its memory designation in the Pacific and the confused North Polar Vortex changing the normal weather system in the USA, it is very possible there could be landfall by a Hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean along the US Eastern parts that could be a similar force equal to hurricane “Sandy” or a even a devastating distortion of Sandy with a far worse outcome.

Updated release on October 16, 2014  - (Forecast based on our release in August, 2014).

Forecast based on our release in August, 2014. During September and October 2014 many unusual high turbulence and wild wind spirals did take place in the Pacific and in the Atlantic which traveled in the directions that were mentioned in our August 2014 forecast.  To our calculation the main Earth memory has not completed its act. Our warning, the season for Hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Typhoons in the Pacific may get extended to December for its memory satisfaction. Looking at the original Earth engineering these events are unusual, new and scary. The act of newly created wind forces being created by high CO2 counts in the atmosphere shows that the Earth system is completely confused.
This is well explained in our video #3, CO2 chart and in the 24 page report at “Project Mother Earth 360”. Many have experienced the heavy flooding and numerous damaging Tornados that took place in the USA and beyond any one's imagination. The North polar vortex is very much confused because of the high CO2 ppm. Canada and Northern parts of USA may get pounded with heavy snow as well as some states in the Southern parts of the USA.  According to our calculation, what we have seen is just the beginning. My advice to all mankind is go to our web site to understand our dear “Mother Earth”.         
Warning!  Updated October 16th 2014