the effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
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After 40 years of silence, Project Mother Earth 360, with the technology and intelligence of thirty scientists and other intelligent engineering technology, has come forward to unite the citizens of the world, to work together and save billions of lives.  During her past 40 years of silence and before coming forward, personal funds and innovative technology were shared to save the one and only Great Ocean Conveyor Belt Driver from shutting down in 2012.  Had Project Mother Earth 360 not brought this technology forward, it would have shut down completely sometime around November of 2012.  In addition, it would have caused serious disturbances to the North Atlantic Ocean, the North Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean, which would have created SEVERE negative effects on weather related disasters far beyond what the world has already seen, such as countries in the North zone entering an ice age and the rest of the world left to battle severe droughts and floods.  Also, in the past 40 years, thousands of American lives were saved by unselfishly sharing numerous forms of technology and information.  This also saved a few corporations from bankruptcy, from whom Project Mother Earth 360 is seeking financial support for her project.  We are seeking our "due" funds from various corporations and anticipate their full cooperation, generosity and support.  Project Mother Earth 360, being part of "the people of the world" will keep all of our fellow citizens updated as events unfold. 

To learn more about the effects of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and other issues related to the biggest problem known to mankind, read the 24 page CO2 report at  
carbon dioxide fact
the effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
co2 report
carbon dioxide report
We have a serious Carbon Dioxide problem.  When CO2 counts reach 900PPM THE PLANET WILL BE ON FIRE.  Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing at an alarming rate and the trend is certainly worthy of being the single most important topic amongst all governments and corporations world-wide and an opportunity for them to show they care about human life.  Without a solution to this extremely critical CO2 problem there will not be any human activities, since life on Earth will cease to exist.  

This is the biggest problem our planet has ever seen since being inhabited by dinosaurs, which will be proven again in Video #2.  This is where we are headed, and sooner than you may think.  Read our 24 page
CO2 report to learn about our agenda, Carbon Dioxide reduction, and how it can even be profitable.

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SHOCKING TRUTH about the effects of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere on our planet's ecosystem and the grim outlook for our planet if this global CO2 problem is not addressed immediately and properly.  The effects of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, beyond levels of 600ppm, are staggering.  Project Mother Earth 360 is the first organization with a COMPLETE 360 degree solution to this global CO2 problem. 
We are given the last opportunity to save our “Mother Earth”. If not, we will lose her and she may be dismantled out of this galaxy.